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Sacramento Process Servers


Our Experienced Servers Will Get The Job Done On Time And On Budget

The mission of Capital Process is to provide exceptional service to the legal community by attaining their confidence and trust by understanding the importance of filing and serving their documents in a timely manner. We want to be your first choice when choosing a Sacramento Attorney Service.

We are not just a Sacramento Process Server. We cover all counties in the State of California.

It is our commitment to maintain a well-informed and skilled workforce with the intentions to complete your assignments with the knowledge, precision, and speed ensure prompt, reliable and effective service. At Capital Process, our staff will also perform the following duties:

  • Advise you of any problem with rush court filings. If possible, we will attempt to resolve
    the problem at the time of filing.
  • Advise client of any problems with a process service.
  • Advise client when rush court filing, delivery or process service is completed.

We are not just a Sacramento Process Server, we also specialize in last minute filings!

Need your court filing done in a hurry? Call us. We can get the job done !!
If your firm is in need of professional service for process serving, court filings, and Secretary of State Services, please contact Capital Process at 916-247-7990 or email us here.

Sacramento Process Services Include:

  • Service of Process
  • Court Filings Fax Filings
  • Public Records Research Courier | Delivery Service Messenger Services Locate Services
  • Secretary of State Services Apostille Sacramento or Certification

Whatever your needs are for process serving CAPITAL PROCESS is the Premier Sacramento Process Server. Our business is built on the core values of superior customer service, advanced state and national deliverability, and last minute filings. There is no question why for years attorneys have relied on us to be there #1 Sacramento Process Server. Contact us today for a superior Sacramento process server.