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Whatever your needs are for process service, Capital Process Service is the Premier Sacramento Process Service. Our business is built on the core values of superior customer service, advanced state and national deliverability. Our Sacramento Process Service Includes: Service of Process Court Filings Fax Filings Public Records Research | Courier | Delivery Service | Messenger Services Secretary of State Services Apostille or Certification


Capital Process Service is here for your Process Service needs, Open 7 days a week. From 8AM to 6pm


It is the commitment of Capital Process Service to maintain a well-informed and skilled workforce with the intentions to complete your assignments with the knowledge, precision, and speed ensure prompt, reliable and effective service. At Capital Process Service


Capital Process Service will advise you of any problem with rush court filings. If possible, we will attempt to resolve the problem at the time of filing. Advise client of any problems with a process service. Advise client when rush court filing, delivery or process service is completed.

The mission of Capital Process Service is to provide exceptional Process Service to the legal community by attaining

their confidence and trust by understanding the importance of filing and serving their documents in a

timely manner. We want to be your first choice when choosing a Sacramento Attorney Service.

We are not just a Sacramento Process Service.



Needed a rush service, and paid for same. Was done in two hours, from time of first call to Capital Process Service to person leaving my home. Alan at their office was very helpful. Process server was professional. Payment on line was simple. I would definitely recommend this company.



I was standing in a long at the court house to get ready to file a service paperwork to sue someone and a lady walked up to me and said "go to capital process service" so I Googled it and called and from the first to last conversation I felt like I have known these people for years. They made me feel very comfortable in talking with them, the process was very easy. I admit the person I was trying to serve is very hard to catch up with, and I was a little worried if they would find him, but low and behold Capital P.S. found and served them, if you love the family feel and people who work hard at there job please go thru this service you WILL NOT regret it. This is coming from a guy who's very picky and mean and I was very satisfied.



After 9 frustrating months of trying to serve the defendant through the Sheriff's Department, Capital Process Servers pulled through and served the defendant! I'm so appreciative of this and finally can try to put my court case to rest. Win or lose, I'm grateful for the chance to go to court. Thanks Capitol!



We Are Here For Your Service Needs

Whatever your needs are for process serving, Capital Process is the Premier Sacramento Process Server. Our business is built on the core values of superior customer service, advanced state and national deliverability. Our Sacramento Process Read more…

Common Questions

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Finding a Process Server

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