Some of the most common questions people have are:

Q. What if they refuse the documents?
A: Once we make contact with the subject and are able to identify them we can drop them at their feet. NO, they don’t have to touch to documents for service to be valid. This isn’t a game of tag, (LOL). Although many people believe they must touch the documents for service to be valid, it is a myth, because if it was true, no one would ever be served.

Q. What if we don’t have a valid address?
A: We need to have an address for service. Or if you are meeting them for any reason (i.e. Custody Exchange, Picking up mail, Appointments) , we need the time, day and location and can always serve them there.
If you don’t have any information, we would suggest that you call a Private Investigator.

Q: What if service can’t be completed? Will I receive a refund?
A: Once we attempt service, there are no refunds. There are times when someone will just not answer the door and will avoid service. In a case like this, we would suggest a stake out •

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