When it comes time to get your documents served, here are a few choices you have:

  1. Hire a Registered Process Server
    A Process Server will make attempts at all different times of the day and even on the weekend. This is the most effective way to get service completed.
  1. Hire the Sheriff
    The Sheriff will have a server attempt service. They will make approx. 3 attempts and then leave a card for the person in hopes that they will call and make arrangements to come in · and pick up the documents.

This isn’t nearly as effective due to the fact if they don’t call, service will not be completed and now they are aware that they are going to be served, and in some cases will now avoid answering the door.

The cost for the sheriff may be a little cheaper, but could be more time consuming if service isn’t completed and you have to reset your hearing date. Also if you have to reset it and use the Sheriff again, you will pay for them to go back out. Which in the end, could cost you more than hiring Professional Process Server.

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