We Also Specialize In Last-Minute Filings

It is our commitment to maintain a well-informed and skilled workforce with the intentions to complete your assignments with the knowledge, precision, and speed ensure prompt, reliable and effective service. At Capital Process, our staff will also perform the following duties:

  • Advise you of any problem with rush court filings. If possible, we will attempt to resolve the problem at the time of filing.
  • Advise client of any problems with a process service.
  • Advise client when rush court filing, delivery or process service is completed.

We Are Here For Your Service Needs

Whatever your needs are for process serving, Capital Process is the Premier Sacramento Process Server. Our business is built on the core values of superior customer service, advanced state and national deliverability. Our Sacramento Process Services Include:

  • Service of Process
  • Court Filings Fax Filings
  • Public Records Research | Courier | Delivery Service | Messenger Services
  • Secretary of State Services Apostille or Certification
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Common Questions

Some of the most common questions people have are:

Q. What if they refuse the documents?
A: Once we make contact with the subject and are able to identify them we can drop them at their feet. NO, they don’t have to touch to documents for service to be valid. This isn’t a game of tag, (LOL). Although many people believe they must touch the documents for service to be valid, it is a myth, because if it was true, no one would ever be served.

Q. What if we don’t have a valid address?
A: We need to have an address for service. Or if you are meeting them for any reason (i.e. Custody Exchange, Picking up mail, Appointments) , we need the time, day and location and can always serve them there.
If you don’t have any information, we would suggest that you call a Private Investigator.

Q: What if service can’t be completed? Will I receive a refund?
A: Once we attempt service, there are no refunds. There are times when someone will just not answer the door and will avoid service. In a case like this, we would suggest a stake out •


Local Sheriff vs. Process Server

When it comes time to get your documents served, here are a few choices you have:

  1. Hire a Registered Process Server
    A Process Server will make attempts at all different times of the day and even on the weekend. This is the most effective way to get service completed.
  1. Hire the Sheriff
    The Sheriff will have a server attempt service. They will make approx. 3 attempts and then leave a card for the person in hopes that they will call and make arrangements to come in · and pick up the documents.

This isn’t nearly as effective due to the fact if they don’t call, service will not be completed and now they are aware that they are going to be served, and in some cases will now avoid answering the door.

The cost for the sheriff may be a little cheaper, but could be more time consuming if service isn’t completed and you have to reset your hearing date. Also if you have to reset it and use the Sheriff again, you will pay for them to go back out. Which in the end, could cost you more than hiring Professional Process Server.

Finding a Process Server

When it comes time to hire a Professional Process Server, there are a few important things to ask:

1) Are your servers Registered and Bonded?
2) What is the cost?
3) How many times will you attempt service?

Most company’s will try about 3-5 times. To get your subjected served. After that they will either charge you for extra diligence (at the same rate you paid already) or they will just prepare a non service report. Or they have hidden fees that they charge you as well.

Capital Process Service has no hidden fee’s. We will inform you of the cost of the service prior to service and will make up to 10 attempts, if necessary.

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Thank You For Visiting Capital Process

The mission of Capital Process is to provide exceptional service to the legal community by attaining their confidence and trust by understanding the importance of filing and serving their documents in a timely manner. We want to be your first choice when choosing a Sacramento Attorney Service.

We are not just a Sacramento Process Server.